Discover the Must-Have Features of Portable Radios Before Making a Purchase!

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6 thoughts on “Discover the Must-Have Features of Portable Radios Before Making a Purchase!”

  1. Hello. I had the C. Crane ccRadio from the early 2000s in black. A good, solid table top radio for my den that sounded great, especially for talk and sports radio. Its LED read-out, however, began to fail after a few years, but I limped along with it. Then, the station preset memory buttons on top began to fail as well. I still limped along with it, but finally splurged and purchased a new one, the 2E in silver, last year for around $175 or so from Amazon. I just like the model, even though I don't trust its features to last long-term from my initial experience. So far, so good, with the new replacement model, however, and I love that it all works as it should once again.

  2. I have been looking for something that has the functionality of the Pure Evoke 3, eg pause & remind live radio / programmable recording / MP3 player, but there seems to be absolutely nothing like it.


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