Discover the Top 9 Best Portable Radios for On-the-Go Listening!

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50 thoughts on “Discover the Top 9 Best Portable Radios for On-the-Go Listening!”

  1. I need shortwave, preferably SSB.Thats what gets me with people making videos of shortwave radios.If it's a 15 minute video they will spend about all that time tuning Am-Fm then a quick look at shortwave.Chances are you are getting it for shortwave if it's in the radio.

  2. I find the narration insipid. How are you going to fit the 9 inch sony icf38 into a shirt pocket. This is just another crappy you tube channel pushing slip. No interest in the content, no actual video shot, no clue about the products . Just make it as cheap and fast as possible so you can move on to the next topic, could be toasters or toothbrushes, the channel doesn't care. Get a few clicks and and make some money. Anyone actually using this video to choose a radio is an idiot. Probably do as well choosing a number between 1 and 10 then searching Amazon for portable radio and buying the radio on the page matching the order number you chose.

  3. Hi , can anyone give me advice please.My PURE ONE CLASSIC RADIO, has broke so I need a good radio for the kitchen & garden that has good loud volume,a lot of reviews say radios are poor volume so are there any recommendations please 👍🏻

  4. I bought a Panasonic 2400D about a year ago,, and I love it!. It's exactly what I want in a portable radio. The sound is good though it's "large" speaker, and the larger analog dial is easy to see and use. Nothing fancy, does a basic job very well.


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