Make $7,000/Week Copy Pasting This Email! (Easy Make Money Online Tutorial)

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44 thoughts on “Make $7,000/Week Copy Pasting This Email! (Easy Make Money Online Tutorial)”

  1. So – I completed all the steps and am now sending the emails. After setting up a gmail just for this, it was shut down after the first email. Said it broke gmail guidelines. So I reverted to a yahoo account I alreay had, and its working fine …. but after 5 emails, youtube said I was at my daily limit of accessing addresses. Any suggestions? I don't thnk 5 emails per day will get me anywhere fast. I'm trying to create some income so I can pay bills and join your memebership. (I was in horrible car accident and am still out of work 4 months later)

  2. Watching videos like this reminds me of how anything is possible if you put your mind to it and set a goal. You can achieve anything. It’s crazy seeing someone this young being able to do the things Dave does. Thank you so much for these valuable videos.

  3. Heyy David, nice videos you always post. Thanks alot for your time and effort on YouTube also! I appreciate it alot and that you try to help people out in this horrible time. I wanted to try that with temu refer but that doesn't work in my country.


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