Say Goodbye To 2023 With December’s Game Releases

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Well folks, the final 31 days of 2023 are upon us. While I expect you’ll likely have picked out your personal game of the year already, there’s still time for some more games to hit physical and virtual shelves, and maybe one of them will be a nice send-off to a wild year of killer games.

If you’ve missed out on any releases this year, might we suggest having a look at our previous monthly guides? August, September, and October were particularly epic months.

December’s a bit more toned down than previous months, but don’t get it wrong: Whether you’re revisiting the streets of Arkham City, wrangling slimes and other fantastic creatures in Dragon Quest Monsters, or trekking to a stunning alien world by way of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, there’s a nice amount of variety this month. Let’s get into it.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince – December 1

Nintendo / Square Enix

Play it on: Switch

 Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince sends players on a monster-wrangling journey in the realm of Nadira. You’ll combine powers from different monsters to come out on top with each monster battle.

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