‘They deserve a jail sentence for life’

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We know the struggle all too well: Being in the last group to board, only to be forced to check your compact carryon because someone decided to put their jacket in the overhead bin.

In fact, where you put your luggage and personal items says a lot about you as a traveler, one TikToker argued.

“The easiest way to tell if someone is a good person in an airport is [to] see where they put their luggage when they get on a plane,” content creator Daniel Bennet said in a clip that scored 6 million views.

“If they put their carryon luggage in the overhead compartment and they put their personal item — like their backpack or their purse — under their seat, they’re a good person and they’re aware of their surroundings.”

However, if travelers use the overhead bins for personal belongings or a jacket, “they are the worst type of person and deserve a jail sentence for life,” he said.

Person putting bag into overhead bin
The content creator argued against placing small personal belongings in the overhead bins. Getty Images/iStockphoto

In the comments, viewers debated proper plane etiquette — a hot button topic online that has prompted numerous raucous arguments about topics such as switching seats or reclining in your chair.

“Honestly. The worst are the people who put their jacket in the overhead bins,” one user lamented.

“Ive seen flight attendants call people out for this and it gives me SO MUCH JOY,” another chimed in.

“Nothing makes me SEETHE like a small item in an overhead,” agreed someone else.

“Recently watched a man put his carry on luggage, backpack, jacket, flannel, and hat all in the overhead,” another complained. “Bro was moving in.”

Daniel Bennett on TikTok
In the comments, viewers debated whether it was acceptable to place backpacks, jackets or other small personal items in the overhead bins. TikTok/@dxnielbennett

But not everyone was in agreement, with some saying they put their small items in the bin to make room for their legs.

“Unpopular opinion but if they only have a backpack (no carry on suitcase) that can go in the bin. everyone theoretically gets one bag up top regardles [sic],” one person argued.

“I always check my roller bag. I place my backpack in the overhead so I have room for my legs,” commented someone else. “Not my fault people carry everything on board.”

Other TikTokers voiced their own travel pet peeves, such as the rush to get on and off the plane.

“OR OR OR: when the planes deboarding and someone behind you tries to get in front of you?!?! WHAAAAT!”

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