Jet Force Gemini’s Widescreen Mode Reportedly “Broken” On Switch

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Jet Force Gemini made its debut on the new Japanese Switch Online service 18+ app earlier this week, and apparently, the widescreen mode is “broken”.

Nintendo World Report explains how the original N64 release supported a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio, but activating it in this latest digital version of the game “does not properly scale the image”.

“The 4:3 border does disappear, but the image is letterboxed rather than being properly stretched vertically to fill the screen. When playing docked you could conceivably adjust your picture settings to manually scale the image, but when playing handheld there is no way to display the image correctly.”

The director of NWR, John Rairdin, also shared screenshots along with how the game should look at 16:9 (via social media):

The same source notes how GoldenEye 007 also has this “same feature” in its Switch Online release and “got this right”. For Jet Force Gemini fans playing on Switch, it’s suggested you stick with the 4:3 mode for now. If there are any developments, we’ll let you know.

Jet Force Gemini is scheduled to arrive on the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service locally this month.

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