Pixel Watch’s Ressence lookalike now comes in Google-y colors

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If you’re into timepieces, the Pixel Watch’s domed design might remind you of a particular mechanical analogue. Ressence this week released the Type 1° Round Multicolour and the color palette is rather Google-y.

Swiss watchmaker Ressence says the case of the Type 1° Round evokes a “smooth pebble,” while Google has pointed to water droplets serving as inspiration for the Pixel Watch. Underneath the double-domed sapphire crystal is a convex dial with components themed in the four Google colors, though the shades are darker and more muted.

A blue outer ring is paired with a yellow-tipped gray hand for the minutes. Look at the green ring for the hours, while yellow is seconds and red is for day of the week. Those three inner dials rotate with the minute hand.

People have replicated that unique watch face for Pixel Watch, while Google’s Radial face with its shrunken down dial and three circular – albeit stationary – complication slots has always given me Ressence vibes.

Meanwhile, Tony Fadell of Nest and iPod fame previously collaborated with Ressence on the Type 2 e-Crown that connects to your phone to set the time.

The Ressence Type 1° Round Multicolour costs 16,800 CHF, or $19,200~. (It is truly a grail watch.)

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